The light that is being referred to in the last paragraph or the two last paragraphs is a symbol. To us, our group, it symbolized part of Granny, or more specifically her life mental and spiritual power. As Granny feels sucked in more and more into the darkness this light, that has drawn into the center of her brain (mental) becomes the one thing that she seizes hold of. When the story ends, she blows out the light leaving us with the question, Did she die or didn't she? We believe that it is all perspective. One might say that she died, as the light was her life force (spiritual), and that she let go of life at the last moment. Others may see this ass just another way of saying that she turned around, and blew out the light and fell asleep waiting for another day.

"The blue light from Cornelia’s lampshade drew into a tiny point in the center of her brain, it flickered and winked like an eye, quietly it fluttered and dwindled. Granny laid curled down within herself, amazed and watchful, staring at the point of light that was herself" (5).