1.What is your opinion of Granny Weatherall and the life she led? Explain.

2.How might this story be different if Granny had confronted George after jilted her?

3. (a) As she drifts in and out of consciousness, what painful memory is squeezed out of Granny's heart?
(b) With what thought does this memory become mingled?

4. (a) What realization does Granny come to after her children arrive?
(b) How does she respond to this realization?

5. (a) What does Granny ask of God just before she blows "out the light"?
(b) What happens for the second time?

6. Why is Weatherall an appropriate surname for Granny?

7. (a) What is ironic about Granny's desire to find George so she can tell him she has forgotten him?
(b) What might be the "something not given back" that George took?

8. What detail indicates that Granny's sense of time has become distorted?

9. (a) Why does the jilting dominate Granny's thoughts as she approaches death?
(b) How is the jilting related to what she experiences in the final paragraph?

10. What does the light refer two in the last two paragraphs symbolize?

11. Explain whether you think the thoughs and feelings Granny has in the story are typical for a person in her condition.