How does Porter's use of stream-of-consciousness and flashbacks reflect the themes of Modernism?

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The Stream of Consciousness technique, which reflects the twentieth interest in psychology is usually evident in modernist work. Modernist work generally portrayed that their is no external order governing human existence. Modernism leaves the reader witha vague and unclear message. With this story, Porter uses stream of consciousness. This means people's thoughts don't flow in a neat, organized form.

(610)- " He always had a funny story of some though, usually about an Irishman who made his little mistakes and confessed them... Granny felt easy about her soul. Cornelia, where are your manners? Give Father Connolly a chair."

Flashback is a method used by modernists to recreate the natural flow of thought of a characters mnind. It helps the reader understand the past as well as present thoughts that the character is and has experienced. As Granny Weatherall's condition worsens, flashback is employed to demonstrate not only that Granny is drifting through time periods but shows a trait of modernism.

(611)- "Yes, She had changed her mind after sixty years and she would like to see Geoge. Find him and be sure to tell him I forgot him... just as before."